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Established in 1961 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tak Ming College was one of the overseas private universities accredited by the Ministry of Education of R.O.C. In 1962, Tak Ming was approved to offer degrees courses in various discipline and also became a tertiary institute registered with the Education Department of Hong Kong.

The current Principal and Board of Directors of Tak Ming, Professor Mathew Cheung, started the AICPA (America Institute of Certified Public Accountants) course in Hong Kong. In November 1997, AICPA held its worldwide professional examination in Washington State, the exam result revealed that four of the world’s top ten students were from Tak Ming College (ranking 1st, 2nd, 5th and 9th). Many of our graduates are now practicing professionals and/or senior executives in public listed companies.

In 1999, Tak Ming, in conjunction with Royal Road University, offered Chinese MBA courses to students in Greater China region. We have more than 2,800 graduates and there are about 450 students pending graduation as at today’s date.

Tak Ming’s mission is to teach, to inspire, and to serve students who wish to further their studies overseas. In fulfilling this mission, Tak Ming provides Canadian diploma certificate courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Design, and Healthcare Services etc. Graduates from these diploma courses may apply for top-up degrees in most overseas universities. We have more than 2,000 diploma graduates as at today’s date.

香港德明書院Hong Kong Tak Ming College成立於1961年,是中華民國教育部認可的海外私立學院之一,於民國五十一(1962)年核准頒發學士學位獨立學院。亦是香港教育局立案的一所提供專上課程的學府。

香港德明書院現任校監兼校長張映奎教授創立『美國註冊會計師全國統一考試』全球優異成績品牌:德明學生於199711月赴美國華盛頓州參加美國註冊會計師全國統一考試(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Uniform Examinations),成績優異,學生考試在十名最高成績中名列第一(1st)(Ch*t Ho),第二(2nd)(Kin-Man Ch*ng),第五(5th)(Pui Y*n Cheung),第九(9th)(K*r Lai Alice Cheung)。該名成績名列第一的學員Ch?t Ho為內地著名網站企業(上市公司)擔任首席財務官CFO,德明會計文憑及學分可為學生申請投考美國註會計師全國統一考試.。香港德明書院於1999312日與加拿大BC省公立大學-加拿大皇家大學(Royal Roads University)合作,在香港教育局成功註冊首個以中文授課的工商管理碩士學位課程,課程到現在已經辦了十六年,畢業生約為2800名,在讀生約為450名。


Graduates may apply for top-up degree courses in the following universities:


California State University, Bakersfield, California, USA

John F. Kennedy University, Los Angeles, USA

Fort Hays State University, Kansas, USA

University of California, California, USA

Shanghai British College – USST

Universities in Taiwan

Royal Roads University, B.C. Canada

Universities in Canada


Hong Kong Tak Ming College

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