Educational System 


Career-Related Study 

Hong Kong Tak Ming College forms a coalition and fusion between the student's study projects and his professional undertakings. As a result, the student will find the curriculum has been written to relate to a student's daily work involvement in a business setting. 


Resident Study 

Hong Kong Tak Ming College's resident study program offers bachelor degree programs from the Departments of Business, Engineering and Arts. Students who complete the four-year programs and all general education requirements may earn a degree conferred by the Ministry of Education, Republic of China. 


Evening Study 

Since Hong Kong Tak Ming College programs are oriented toward those with heavy professional and family commitments, the College has developed a curriculum which can be completed by evening study alone. All required courses are offered in the evenings so students are able to carry on with their full or part-time employment. Students are in fact encouraged to be involved in a job related to their fields of study. Hong Kong Tak Ming College students are given every possible opportunity to integrate practice with textbook learning 


Distance Learning Programs 

With the rapid changes of both political and economical environments in Hong Kong and China, professional training is in great demand. It is our policy to collaborate with overseas educational institutions in the development of distance learning programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to meet our student's learning needs. 


Opening Learning Centre 

The Opening Learning Centre offers courses for those who wish to qualify for relevant international professional qualifications from either United Kingdom or the United States. Currently, we offer vocational training courses for : 

The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, UK; 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; 

The Association of International Accountants, UK; 

The Association of Cost and Executive Accountants; 

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants; 

The Chartered Institute of Marketing; 

The Institute of Financial Accountants, etc. 


Programs Offered 

Hong Kong Tak Ming College offers the following programs: 

           1)    Certificate – consists of 32 Semester credits. Students can complete with two Semesters; 


           2)     Diploma – consists of 64 Semester credits; Students can complete with four Semesters; 


           3)     Higher Diploma – consists of Semester 96 credits; Students can complete with six Semesters; 


           4)     Honors Diploma – consists of Semester 128 credits. Students can complete with eight Semesters; 


           5)     Professional Diploma in Accounting and Finance International (PDAFI) forthose who intend to sit for the AIA UK Professional Accountant Examinations. 


           6)     Diploma in Accounting and Business forthose who intend to sit for the American Institute of Certified Pubic Accountant Examinations 


Credits by Studies 

Students shall at least take one-fourth credits by studies prior conferring their relevant Certificate and Diplomas. 


Credits by Transfer 

Hong Kong Tak Ming College accepts credits transferred from any accredited educational institutes. Students can earn credits by transfer with the total up to three-fourth of the relevant program studied. 


Credits by Challenge Examinations 

Hong KongTakMingCollege accepts credits granted to those who satisfy the Challenge Examinations Process. Students can earn credits with the total up to three-fourth of the relevant program studied. Students can graduate with the combination of Credits by Studies; Credits by Transfer and Credits by Challenge Examinations respectively. 


Hong Kong Tak Ming College

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